The homeowner’s guide to swimming pool ownership for all-year-round use!

(Courtesy of SPATA – The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association offers guidance for UK homeowners looking to purchase a home swimming pool for all-year-round use.)

Pool ownership is on the rise, with an estimated 240,000 in-ground and (top end) above ground residential pools in the UK and with swimming pool ownership ranking in the top ten status symbols throughout Britain, pools have become one of the top ‘aspirational’ features for British homes and gardens.

Diving into the inviting waters of a swimming pool at home is one of life’s great pleasures. So how do prospective purchasers ensure they get a seamless integration of their dream pool into their homes and gardens, making sure they maximise the pools usage and sustainability?

When considering adding a swimming pool or spa to a home, there are an enormous number of products to choose from on the UK market. It makes sense to be able to use your pool whenever you want, day or night and whatever the weather, the perfect solution for this is a pool enclosure.

Covering a swimming pool has financial benefits too; reduced heating and chemical costs and substantial reduction in water loss through evaporation. Pool enclosures come in a wide variety of types both fixed position or telescopic versions (which can be opened up or rolled back in fine weather). The different types of enclosures also include architect designed buildings, glazed conservatories, log cabins and specialist aluminium/PVC and polycarbonate/glass enclosures specifically designed for the swimming pool environment. Enclosing a swimming pool not only enables it to be used for more of the year but it also means that the pool can be used earlier and later in the day when the outside pool temperature is colder.

Added to the savings in heating and cleaning which a pool enclosure can bring, the prospect becomes very attractive. Deciding which type of enclosure is best will depend on the type of pool use, budget and how permanent the required structure. Thousands of owners can attest to the benefits of enclosing their pools.

Time spent in planning a dream pool is never wasted; this helps to safeguard the build “wish list”, against the planned budget. An easy pointer is; the larger the pool dimensions, the more expensive it will be to build, and the larger the volume of water contained in the pool, the greater the operating costs. Choose a contractor with care, ensuring they build to industry standards and will they behave ethically?

SPATA – The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association are the number one resource for British consumers looking for information on pool ownership. The SPATA website (, is set up to help consumers find out all they need about pool ownership, as well as, where to find SPATA approved companies who all work to SPATA Standards and a Code of Ethics, which can bring peace of mind. Choosing a SPATA member to build your swimming pool can provide the reassurance needed to make owning your dream pool at home a reality. Visit; for free information and guidance along with an easy to use members search tool.